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Curious about homeschooling, unschooling, and world schooling, or already on that path? Or just looking for a memorable summer gateway with your family? 

Look no further than our week-long retreat in the magical town of Hoi An, Vietnam, with an Indo-Vietnamese Family.

Our retreat offers carefully curated local experiences and activities for children and families alike, promoting mindfulness, parent-child bonding, curiosity, adaptability, learning, and of course, a whole lot of fun.

7 days to:-



☑️ Treasure Hunt at Hoi An Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

☑️ Know about the Glorious Past of the Hindu Champa Kingdom at My Son Sanctuary, another UNESCO World Heritage Site

☑️Swim, Snorkel, and Experience The Corals and Sea Creatures at Cham Island, UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve

☑️Peddle Through The Green Rice Paddles While Learning About The Cultivation Techniques

☑️Basket Boating Through Water Coconut Village

☑️Admire Beautiful Mural Art at Tam Thanh Fishing Village

☑️Camp and BBQ By The Beach, Under The Stars 

☑️Taste Vietnamese Delicious Food Culture


☑️Make Traditional Hoianese Lanterns 

☑️Make Clay Whistles at A Local Pottery Village 

☑️Make Vietnamese Delicacies In A Local Cooking Class

☑️Learn Farming in A Local Vegetable Village

☑️Capture Nature Beauty With Paints and Brushes

☑️Create Your God Eyes with Yarn And Bamboo Sticks

☑️Learn Camping Skills: Start a Fire, BBQ


☑️Morning Yoga And Mindfulness Practice For Parents And Kids To Connect With Mind and Body

☑️Deep Family Conversations (Which Might Never Happen in a Normal Life)

☑️Games and Challenges to Turn Your Family Into An Awesome Team

☑️Sing Your Heart Out at The Family Karaoke

☑️Daily Gratitude Journal To Build A New Family Ritual

Why Hoi An?

Located in Central Vietnam in the delta of Thu Bon River, Hoi An (a UNESCO World Heritage site) is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

With tons of local experiences and things to do, Hoi An is perfect for families like yours to explore, learn something new, and bond as a family. 

Hoi An beautiful silk lantern

Rich cultural experience

The old town boasts a fascinating history and well-preserved ancient architecture, with a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese influences.

Unique Local Experiences

Hoi An’s exclusive local experiences and outdoor activities, such as cycling, cooking, and crafting…, provide families with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, learn new things and bond together.

Authentic local cuisine

Hoi An is famous for its delicious and healthy street food, including Mi Quang, Cao Lau noodles, Banh Mi sandwiches, and countless mouth-watering local cuisine.

Breathtaking Nature

Hoi An’s beautiful natural surroundings, including its pristine beaches, coconut groves, countryside, and river, offer a peaceful and picturesque escape for families.

Meet The Sontakkes

We are an Indo-Vietnamese family with 10-year-old twin boys and a 5-year-old daughter. Last year, we decided to unschool/world school our kids with a strong belief that traveling is the best school and nature is the best teacher.

We have lived in Goa, Dharamsala, and various places in Vietnam in the past 11 months and Hoi An is our home for now. This lifestyle has helped us explore different landscapes, cultures, and cuisines while opening our kids’ up to new experiences and learnings than a typical school can offer.

We are now on a mission to build communities of like-minded families and this retreat marks the beginning of that endeavor. 

Anvi, 5

Loves Unicorns and Pink color. Loves cooking and dancing. Acts like a granny at times

Tun, 10

Loves all kinds of crafts. Wants to be Youtuber. Loves nature. Write Stories, Poems, and Songs

Tyn, 10

Twin Brother: Photocopy of Tun – Same same but different. Loves Baking and Cooking

Joy, 36

Crochet Designer. Community Builder. Yoga Teacher. Loves learning new things

Mayur, 38

Nomad At Heart. Loves Cooking and Reading. Loves Challenges in Life.

From The Makers Of

Why We Are Doing This?

As parents of unschooled kids, we love to meet other like-minded families. We think that hosting retreats is the perfect way for our children to make new friends, and for us to share our experiences with other parents. We love building communities, and this retreat is a great way to do that while having fun and learning new things. 

Hoi An is one of our favorite places and home for now. Through this retreat, we also want to showcase the paradise to others. 

For the best experience, we only invite 5-7 FAMILIES to join us!

Who are invited?

☑️Homeschooling, World Schooling, or Unschooling Families 

☑️ Those Families Which are Interested in Alternative Education 

☑️Traditional Schoolers Looking for a Meaningful Summer Vacation Experience

☑️Families Looking For A Deeper Experience

Who is it not for?

❌ Families Looking For A Usual Summer Vacation With Kids

❌ Those Looking To Check The Touristy Sightseeing Boxes

❌ Those Who Want To Do Things On Their Own (It’s A Group Retreat)

❌ Those Who Don’t Want To Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

Not sure if the retreat is suitable for YOUR family?

Exclusively Crafted Itinerary for Worldschooling

23-29 May 2023

Day 1

  • Arrival
  • 11:00 Orientation
  • 12:00 Community Lunch
  • 15:30 Unesco Heritage Site – Hoi An Old Town Walking Tour & Family Treasure Hunt
  • 18:30 Old Town Night Market
  • 20:00 Thu Bon River Boat Tour & Paper Lotus Lantern Releasing

Day 2

  • 6:00 Morning Yoga
  • 7:00 Group Gratitude and Family Talk
  • 09:00 Cycling Tour to Tra Que Village
  • 11:00 Try being a Farmer
  • 12:00 Herbal Food Wash & Massage
  • 12:30 Vietnamese Local Food by the Vegetable Fields
  • 14:00 Hoi An Market Visit
  • 16:00 Boating in Coconut Village
  • 17:00 Cooking Class & Dinner Cooked by You

Day 3

  • 6:30 Breakfast with Banh Mi Phuong on the way to Tam Thanh Village
  • 7:30 Tam Thanh fishing mural village
  • 12:00 Beach Lunch with Grilled Seafood Hotpot cooked by fishermen
  • 17:00 Beach Meditation and Chill Time

Day 4

  • 6:00 Morning Yoga
  • 7:00 Family Talk
  • 9:30 Thanh Ha Pottery Village
  • 10:30 Pottery Workshop
  • 12:00 Market Food Experience
  • 14:00 Lantern Workshop
  • 18:00 Food Tour

Day 5

  • 6:30 Unesco Heritage Site – My Son Sanctuary (Breakfast on the way)
  • 10:45 Champa Show
  • 12:00 Lunch at My Son
  • 14:30 Rice Field Cafe
  • 16:00 My Son Quiz Game
  • 16:30 Massage for parents/ God Eye Workshop for Children
  • 17:30 Free time + Dinner
  • 19:30 Karaoke Night

Day 6

  • 6:00 Morning Yoga
  • 8:00 Cham Island – Unesco World Biosphere Reserve Visit
  • 10:30 Sea Swimming, snorkeling, experiencing the corals and sea creatures
  • 12:00 Seafood Lunch
  • 16:00 Beach Game
  • 18:00 Beach Camping and BBQ
  • 20:00 Fire Camp
  • 22:00 Sleep under the Stars (Beach Camping)

Day 7

  • 6:00 Morning Beach Mediation + Group Gratitude – Breakfast – Back to Hoi An
  • 8:00 Check out time
  • 9:30 Chill time in a cafe
  • 11:00 Skillshare by parents
  • 12:00 Farewell Lunch
  • Afternoon: Free Shopping Time + Travel. End the retreat.

What’s Included?

☑️Arrival Airport Transportation to Hoi An

☑️7 Days, 5 Nights Stay In The Community Nest with comfortable private rooms and access to a swimming pool (3/4 stars) + 1-night beach camping with a tent.

☑️Family Yoga And Mindfulness sessions. 

☑️Daily Breakfast & Lunch (Mixed Local and Healthy Veg and Non-Veg Food)

☑️1 Dinner With Cooking Class + 1 Food Tour 

☑️BBQ Dinner On The Camping Night

☑️All Tickets And Prices For The Listed Experiences 

☑️All Material For DIY Activities 

☑️All Local Transportation For The Listed Experiences 

☑️1 Karaoke Night in a professional Karaoke Club + 1 Drink


☑️7-Day Family Bond Challenge Guide Book

☑️Family Worldschool Journal

☑️Kid Worldschool Journal

☑️Family Gratitude Journal

☑️Family Conversation Starter Flash Cards.

☑️1 Set Of Welcome Gifts for Each Member

☑️Family Uniforms With Local Cotton Costumes

What’s Not Included

❌Flight tickets to and from Da Nang

❌Meals except those explicitly listed above (we want you to explore Hoi An foods on your way).

❌Personal expenses 

❌Personal transportation 

❌Alcoholic Beverages 

❌Personal Souvenir

How much does it cost?

Family of 2
$883 Per Head
(INR 75,000)
  • Single parent
  • 1 Child
  • 1 Private Room
Family of 3
$823 Per Head
(INR 70,000)
  • 2 parents
  • 1 child
  • 1 Private Room
Family of 4
$883 Per Head
(INR 75,000)
  • 2 parents
  • 2 children
  • 2 privates/1 family room
Family of 5
$869 Per Head
(INR 74,000)
  • 2 parents
  • 3 children
  • 2 private rooms

Deposit 20% after confirmation. 80% on arrival.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

Curated by an Indo-Vietnamese Family Who Lives in Hoi An and Are Digital Nomads
Unique Experiences Designed For Families and Worldschool Education
Focus On Holistic Living – Mindfulness, Exploration, Learning, and Fun
A Lot of Handmade Souvenirs to take back home – Memories for Lifetime
Make Friends For Life With Other Worldschooling Families
Be a part of India’s First Worldschooling Community

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the retreat for?

It’s a 7-day retreat. We feel that it’s the minimum time needed to know the place well and form the community.

How is it different from normal tours?

This is an experiential retreat designed for families applying or interested in alternative learning. The focus is NOT on sightseeing, unlike regular tours.

Do you have any cap for the number of families joining the retreat?

Absolutely. We have kept it to a maximum of 7 families because we want the participants to build real connections.

Are all meals included in the pricing?

The pricing includes daily breakfast and lunch, and 3 dinners. We have purposefully kept 5 dinners out of it so that families can have free time to explore Hoi An on their own.

What if we had to cancel the plan?

Cancel 30 days before the retreat: 50% deposit refundable

Cancel within 30 days before the retreat: non-refundable

Can only parents or kids join these retreats?

Unfortunately, this retreat is designed for parents and kids together. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter as we will be doing a lot more retreats in the future (We also need a couple of times).

Is it a wellness retreat?

No. It’s an exploration, learning, and mindfulness retreat. While ‘yoga and meditation’ is a part of the retreat, there is a lot more to it than just that. We are confident that parents and kids will have a great time.

How to obtain a visa to come for the retreat?

You can apply for evisa here about a week in advance. It usually comes in your email within 2-3 days and you will need to furnish it before boarding the flight

How should I carry the currency?

You can carry USD in cash/forex card. Note that the balance amount for the retreat is to be paid in USD/Vietnamese Dong to cover the cost.

Do we need travel insurance?

We highly recommend you buy travel insurance. You can buy the same through

How To Get Your Invitation To Hoi An Worldschool Retreat?

  1. Set a call with us to make sure this retreat is for your family and that we are both on the same page.
  2. If accepted, confirm by paying a 20% deposit.  
  3. Fill out the onboarding form
  4. Book flight tickets
  5. Apply for visa
  6. Fly to Vietnam and Enjoy Your Family Summer Worldschool

Hoi An Worldschool Is Calling

Only 7 Families Invited

Children harvesting vegetables


Beside this retreat, we will conduct the “Travel with us” groups to new places. Join our family “inner” circle to get updates about those trips

Love, Learn, Explore – Worldschool Family

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